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About Us

Welcome to Metroflex Gym Phoenix

“Monsters. Freaks. Superheroes. Call them what you want, but no one can deny the dedication and hard work that goes into building an impressive world-class physique. And out here in the sweltering Arizona desert, the hottest place to train for these men and women of iron is Metroflex Gym.

Follow the lives of the men and women who made Metroflex more than a name, but a legend. Get the experience of living like a pro, inside and outside of the gym, and see how super-sized athletes make their way in a happy meal world. Come to the hall of iron where working out is considered a privilege that’s earned through hard work, sweat, and moving big weights. This is Metroflex Phoenix. This is… the Monster Factory!”

Josh Barnett

For gym owner Josh Barnett, Metroflex is a no-frills, nose-to-the-grindstone gym built for the hardest of the hardcore. Bodybuilders, powerlifters, mixed martial artists, and competitive strongmen come from miles around to build their bodies to peak performance. And it’s that same dedication to strength and competition that has attracted the everyday fitness enthusiast to sign up and get in the pit! Now Josh has to balance the needs of his long-time patrons with those of his eager newcomers, while still running a business